Slo Day: Farmers Market


Yesterday Julia, Kat and I went to Slo for their farmers market. I had a pretty shitty day up until then so I smoked before and drank on the way there so I was feeling good. I was so excited cause we got all dressed up super fall looking and got Starbucks for our inner white girl. The second we got there (we weren’t even out of the parking lot) we tried taking the best pictures we could to post. Finally we made our way over to the farmers market and I just LOVE the city. It’s very urban and has just enough city to keep me going but it also has the perfect amount of suburbs. We took our time shopping and went to a few stores then work ourselves up an appetite. We were going to get something from a food stand but then decided to go to Firestone. Then on the walk there we saw a sushi place and decided to eat there. We asked to sit outside so we could scope out cute college boys but by doing so apparently they forgot about us cause 15-20 minutes later Kat had to go in and ask for them to take our order. Then we ordered green tea iced tea and it was horrible I spit it out. He then came back and gave us lemonade and our food but i ended up hating what I ordered. Then Julia said there was a hot black boy that walked by and looked at me and even turned to look back but when she told me I could only see the back of him. After we finished our meal we went in search to find him but we couldn’t so we just walked around and found the cutest nail salon! But we all came to the conclusion that we would totally all move out slo cause its a great! Its just enough urban and suburbs, it’s a college town so that means hot college people and parties! Also Julia and I came to the conclusion that we are going to go to the Cal Poly football game on Saturday and scope out boys! But then we went to the beach and was swinging on the swings. Then went home to end our night!


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