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Well it’s been a while. Wow so much to catch up on. Anyways, I woke up this morning made some tea, took some vitamins and looked out the window a few times. The weather is all over cast because there was thunder and lightning storms all night, I loved it! I wish it were like this much more! But idk maybe it’s the weather, my inner white mom instincts, my need to keep myself busy or the fact that my girlfriend isn’t awake yet but I decided to try blogging again. Which is crazy cause a week ago I doubt I would but now in this moment I just want to post about everything. Maybe I will, who knows…probably, maybe. (my girlfriend just woke up)
So much can change in a year,  I feel like life is going by so quickly and I’m just trying to keep up! I have mixed feelings when it comes to reflecting on what has happened this year. When you do, you want to see the growth you’ve made and see the changes in your life. I am both proud of my progress yet I am also very disappointed because I want to be doing much better than I am now. I crave independence. I crave the point in my life where I’m in my twenties with a cute little job that I love, living in a city of my choosing. In a little apartment that I decorated. A place where I can wake up, make myself some coffee, sit down and know that I’m self-sufficient. That I don’t need anyone. That I’m doing just fine on my own. I guess I just want complete control over my life.
Here I am, knowing exactly what I want but having a very hard time achieving it. So I, Shanelle Dominique McCallie, am declaring that I am devoting this year to getting myself closer to that dream. One step at a time!


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