Turn of Events

Last night was very eventful to say the least. I was at home cleaning and sprucing up my room killing time while Cassy was at work.  The plan was that she was going to come over probably watch a movie and spend the night. Then at nine Cassy texts me and tells me to get ready because were going to pong at her best friends house. We get there and its full of all our friends from high school. Naturally, I start drinking. So we were playing pong, four corners and just having a good time. However, I was making sure to give her space to be with her friends. Sometimes when we are out Cassy and I have a record of saying little remarks to one another that are either unsympathetic or spiteful. Yet we both never intend to hurt the other persons feelings. I can’t quite remember what was said or why my feelings were hurt but I texted Jordyn, a friend of mine, to see what she was doing. She so happened to be in town and down the street at my gay families house. She told me that one of my friends was there throwing up. Since I’m really good at dealing with that stuff and for some reason I didn’t want to be there with cassy, I had Jordyn come pick me up. So I get there and I walk in and see my ex there. I should have put two and two together. Jordyn and her are best friends, of coarse she’d be there. I didn’t even look over at her long enough to see if her new yet old girl was with her. I quickly went down stairs to deal with my friend. Next thing I know, Cassy is wanting to leave and then is apparently there at the house too. So I walk out to find my girlfriend in a room downstairs with Kelly and other people but Joseph wouldn’t let me in. I was yelling, shoving and pushing trying to get around him to get in the room but the guy is way bigger than me so I gave up. At this point I’m frustrated and in tears because Cassy is mad at me and I hadn’t done anything wrong, and I was just trying to find her so we could talk. So defeated little me runs out to Cassy’s car because I know that she will eventually come out because her car is still on and her friend is waiting in the passenger seat. Soon after Cassy comes out and gets in the car. She asked me to not say anything so I was quiet until we dropped off her friend. Once it was just us two we started arguing about everything. I listened to her side and she listened to mine. Cassy and I have many faults but one thing we are exceptional at is communicating when there is a problem. We put ourselves in the other’s shoes to see the issue from their perspective and fix the problem at hand. We made up, went inside and finally had our sleepover. Despite all the crazy up and down turn of events Cassy and I ended up exactly how we were supposed to, with each other.


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