Forever Friends

Growing up my mother always would tell me that once I graduated I would realize who my true friends are. When I was little I thought she was wrong. I believed that the “bff’s” I had were going to be forever like the name entitles. My mother watched as friends would come and go continuing to say the same thing. Now that I have actually graduated I have realized that she was right. You learn that many people are just your friends because you saw them five times a week. Another thing my mother would inform me on is that she still had lasting friendship with people she had known for years and years. At the time I thought that was unbelieveable to hear about friendships that were 10+ years. They remained friends despite time, distance, disagreements and everyday busy lives. At that time in my life since I was so young that idea truly baffled me. Then time started passing by so quickly and I realized that some of my friendships were starting to pack on the years. I have now reached the point to where I can say that I have been friends with people for 10 years.
However, my mother never told me about the friendships where the years don’t matter. The ones that you make later on in life. The ones that really matter. I became close friends with a couple people my senior year of high school and yet they have surpassed all other friends I’ve ever had. I believe there are many reasons why these friendships were made and why they will last. First of all, I didn’t make these friends when I was a child, there is no need for a bracelet to solidify it. I made these friends when I became a young adult, when I realized who I was as an individual. I knew who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. When you do so people will gravitate toward you, people who are like you and on the same path as you. These are friends where you don’t have to talk to everyday to keep the friendship alive.  I didn’t makes these friends because we had class together for years so we grew up together out of convince. These friends are ones I never had a class with.
I have also learned that any friendship is attainable to keep through effort. Yes life can get busy but you will always make time for the people you care about. Get a quick bite to eat with your “bestie” once a month, plan for it. It’s just a matter of priorities. Also, I understand that maybe you guys don’t live close but now a days we have social media. It’s easy too keep in touch, theres so much you can do! FaceTime, text, Skype, call, DM or put each others notifications on. That way when they’re tweeting in their feels you can text them and see if they’re alright. Then there’s disagreements, which is a hard one. On some occasions you guys won’t talk for a while and sometimes that can be good. It can give both people space and time to revaluate. I guess it just boils down to whether the argument is worth losing the friendship or not. You don’t always have to agree. You’re two different people, not the same person. If you can’t find some kind of common ground, at least agree to disagree. Overall, the friendships that were meant to be will be. Life has a funny way of bringing people in and out of our lives. Just make sure that if you want to keep a friend show them you care about them. Who knows, maybe they’ll be your forever friend.


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