Coming Soon…?

Today I woke up early, made some coffee and sat down at my vanity as my brain slowly came out of hibernation. Then I was filled with excitement because Cassy and I were going to meet King, a 13 month old boy that my friend Manna nannies for. Once we made it to Manna’s house we walked in to find the cutest little light skinned baby with a very confused look on his face. Cassy made me promise her that I’d let her hold him first so I followed through and let her even though every possible molecule in me wanted to snatch him and squeeze the heck out of him! He then realized that we were new people to show off for and the confused look on his face then turned into little jiggles. We then had fun music time in the living room to outside play filled with exploring. Watching King play with Cassy was beyond the most adorable thing I think I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait to have a family of my own! Afterwards King got hungry and went inside for a snack, Cassy and I left to go run some errands.
Around three I started getting ready for my job interview for Cotton On Kids. I was a little nervous because I haven’t gone to a job interview since freshman year of high school. Finally after getting ready with my clutch and resume in hand, I was ready to go. Once I got to the mall I made my way to the Cotton On store. I was about half an hour early but I still felt like I should be rushing. After talking to two employes I finally found the lady I was looking for. She said to look around the store for a while until she was ready. Finally we made our way to the food court and found a long table to have our group interview. I made sure to sit right across from her. She explained to us a bit about the company and told us that the opening is November 18th, so she will have to start training ASAP. She told us that the store would be unlike anything we have here. For the holidays we would be a “Reindeer Academy,” so when a kid comes in they get to find out their reindeer name and get a sticker and a balloon. The employees will wear an apron filled with stickers and crayons for the coloring stations. So basically the store can keep the kids interested while the parents shop. I loved everything she was telling us, I was just eating it up! The interview process wasn’t bad at all. I actually felt more confident as it went on because I felt I was the best choice. There was five other people being interviewed there, one boy and four girls. Three of the girls were extremely soft spoken but at least one of them works with kids at her other job. Then there was one boy who spoke well and made good points. I thought he was gay at first but then he mentioned that he had a girlfriend later on and I was like “..hmm….never mind.” The fifth person was a girl who didn’t dress well for an interview at all. She wore jeans and a white v-neck shirt and looked my age. She mentioned that she had a four month old daughter so instantly that gave her qualifications to work in a kids clothing store. After all the questions she had for us we were free to go.
I made my way to were my mom and sister were sitting by the escalators. Once we were all together I scurried over to the Gina’s Piece of Cake where my best friend works and made sure to give her the play by play that I just gave my Mom. She was proud of me and my outfit choice! At this point I’m just radiating excitement.
I really hope I get this job. This is the perfect job for me to get started in the retail and fashion world. It combines my love for kids and clothes. I continuously open my email and hit the refresh button knowing there’s nothing there. Maybe I feel like my efforts will just will it to be there. I just can’t get the image out of my head of me looking back at the store and seeing the big sign that reads, “Cotton On Kids…Coming Soon!”


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