My Not So New New Years Resolution

I know I’m a tad late on this post but better late than never! Anyways, Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2017! I’m excited to see what this year has to bring. Normally I don’t do New Years resolutions but lately I have just been thinking about my goals nonstop. Literally I’ll be laying next to Cassy in bed and she’s knocked out and I’ll just be thinking about me, my life, where I want to be, how I’m going to get there and more. With that being said my New Years resolution is the same as my goals for myself. Getting myself closer to being independent one step at a time and I want to work on my glow up!
Now I’m just going to take you through some things that I have decided. Right now I’m still training for my job and it’s going well but since it’s a seasonal job, I have it until April. I decided that afterwards I want to get a job at a jewelry store. Also I’m going to work on getting my license but I have to get my glasses first cause I’m literally like blind. That’s crazy, my mom just walked in and said she scheduled my eye appointment. Well I’m glad that’s getting done! Then I’m working on opening up a bank account because I need to save as much as I ca for a car. But if my mom gets a new car then Kayla’s old one will just be mine but still I want to work on getting my own car. That’s the first few steps for my goals.
For my glow up on the other hand my goal is simple, I just wanna be hot! So with that being said I want to get a gym membership and I actually want to gain some weight but keep my tummy small and toned. Basically I just wanna be in better shape. At the gym that I want to start going to they have a standing tanning bed and I might use that one or I might just get spray tans, idk but I really do miss being tan! I want to get better hair products and the hair extensions that I want. Plus right now my hair has a tint of red in it and I want to dye it a really dark brown, almost like a black. So once I get my extensions I’m going to dye my hair to match them and I’m going to go get my hair cut to blend well with them. Another thing I want to start doing is getting bikini waxes because apparently if you get them continuously you’re hair grows back finer after a while. Then obviously with any good glow up you have to rock a new wardrobe and slay on insta. So that’s my plan for 2017, I just want to work on my same goals. My focus hasn’t changed.


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