Productive Day

Okay so I technically started planning out today late last night/early this morning. I wanted to make sure that I was getting stuff done. So I woke up made some coffee and cleared off the bistro table in the kitchen cause I needed to be out of my room. A change of scenery you could say. Plus it was supposed to rain a bunch and I wanted a front row seat since it’s right next to a big window.
Once I was situated I started to write my friend, Julia. Not a text message, not a DM. A legit handwritten, in the mail, lick sealed, with a big old stamp in the corner, letter. I wish more people would write them. I love handwritten letters and the people I date find that out apparently because they have all given me hand written letters and I still have most of them actually. Anyways, I decided to write her because our friendship started out with a letter and recently I have been very distant and I don’t want to be anymore. So I thought why not start off a new chapter of our friendship with a letter as well.
Since I was watching the dogs I made a trip of it and took them on a walk because they had a lot of energy they needed to get rid of. So I got the dogs ready and stopped by the mailbox and sent it away to her house. (I did address the letter I just edited it out so nobody knew where she lived)
The dogs are horrible when they see other people or dogs. They bark so crazy. It’s embarrassing. They really need to go to training. They did have a good time though and I even got a good picture of Julian. Honey on the other hand is a lot harder to get a good picture of. When we got home the dogs were a little tired so they left me alone in peace to work on other things.
I then worked on my journal for church I was a week behind. Cassy then came over, it was nice seeing her because we had both been productive. She had cleaned out her truck and done a few other things but honestly I don’t remember what. We hung out at my house and she watched me work on my journal until my family got home then she got me Chipotle. So we then went to see where her class was cause her new semester starts today.


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