Two Years Gone

Bree died two years ago now. That’s crazy. It doesn’t feel that long so saying two years seems so strange. I was at the mall with Brandon since it was his birthday and she pasted away. The impact her life made on this town is amazing. She would have been almost half way through college now.

Her death taught me that I am not invincible. Our youth does not mean we can escape death’s grip for a while. Life can change in an instant. You can truly be here one second and gone the next.

Cassy took me to the beach and it was nice because the last place I talked to Bree was the cave at Pirates Cove. We got Kravabowl ate it in the bed of her truck and played with shells on the beach. Then later we went to Applebee’s cause that’s where she worked.

Just wanted to make a short post about Bree. Two years gone but she’s not forgotten.img_0740


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