5 Tips To Help Find Yourself as a Teenager

In school we are taught various subjects like math, history, science and all that good stuff. Yet, they don’t teach you how to find yourself. Then out of no where…BOOM! They slam you with really tough questions that you’re expected to know all the answers to.
“So what do you want to do when you’re older?”
“What major are you going to choose?”
“Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”
“Where do you want to live one day?”
Were asked these questions that many of us don’t really know the answers to. Then after we understand that we don’t know we just say that we’re, “figuring it out still.” Then we just go on with our busy lives and continue on in a direction we think we like and see where it takes us.
I believe we should be doing more than just that. Don’t worry I’m not saying to do anything super crazy, it’s actually really simple. 

We should actively be trying to find  ourselves. The person you are today is completely different than who you were when you were at seven, or thirteen. Just like how you are going to be a different person in five years than who you are now. We are always changing so I think we need to constantly learn who we are.

I know it sounds very cliche but it’s true. Go and search for new experiences. This will make you not completely step out of your comfort zone but push your comfort zone instead. Trying new things can be scary but after you’ve done it once you can see if you like it and if so it will be easier to do it again. Broaden your horizon.

Just because you we’re totally into that mint sea blue bed spread doesn’t mean you have to love it forever. Your style and things you like will change constantly and that’s okay! Switch it up all you want!

This is very important. Everyone needs personal space. Just like how you hang out with your best friend and you know them. You need to hang out with yourself so you can know yourself. Being alone is great, no one to entertain and you can do whatever you want free of all judgement.

It’s the little things. Order a different drink at Starbucks than your normal go to. Rearrange your room. Go a different way on your jog. Doing the same things over and over can get boring. So for your happiness and sanity, try doing something a little different every day!

Make sure you’re growing mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
Mentally: Read a book. Watch a documentary. Go to a museum. Just learn new things!
Physically: Go on a hike. Go to the gym. Do yoga. Go swimming. Get moving!
Spiritually: Go to church. Learn about religions. Meditate. Something for the soul!
Emotionally: Do what makes you happy. Minimize the stress in your life. Keep the right company around.  Healthy happy relationships.



Word of The Day: Mauerbauertraurigkeit

13734314_1745248279081143_1826227868_nI have a confession to make. Recently I haven’t been hanging out with anyone besides Cassy, not even my best friends. I know I’m neglecting them and that I should hangout with them. I know they have a lot going on too that I really should be there for but lately I just don’t want to be around anyone. I’m not depressed, this is different. I don’t understand why or even know how to get rid of this feeling. They’ll text me and I’ll get happy to hear from them but half of me kind of just wants to be left alone. They’ll ask to hang out and I get excited about catching up with them but half of me just wants to be by myself. And frankly, I don’t like feeling like this. Friends used to literally be one of my top priorities and now they aren’t even on the scale. I want to know whats going on in their lives, I want to know how they’re doing and what’s wrong when they’re sad but I just can’t find it in me to do so. I know I’m pushing everyone away and I half of me hates it and the other half wants to continue to do so. I’m fighting with myself on what to do but when I actually get myself to hangout with them I find myself wishing I was alone. I don’t know what to do but I think realizing this is a good place to start.