Just a Lil Update

I know that recently the only thing I have blogged about is Cassy and our relationship with each other. That’s because blogging is almost therapeutic for me. So I wanted to do a quick update on my job. I am one out of the four newer girls at Davids Bridal. Keelee is the girl that I was hired with. She had worked at a David’s Bridal previously so she knows what she is doing. Then there’s Vanessa who got hired after us and I know her because we went to school together in junior high. Then there is now this newer girl, I wanna say her name is Tiffany or somewhat but I really don’t know or care. All I know is that she had been boasting on social media about how she’s gunna get paid so much money through commission working here. Little does she know that the job just isn’t gunna throw a bunch of money at you. Your place has to be earned.

As of right now I am the only one from the newer girls to get moved from being a dress specialist to a stylist. Basically that means I work with brides now. I have worked with a few but so far I have only sold one. I am still very new at it and I am still trying to learn the ropes. I will get better though!

I have added my experience of working at David’s on my resume but I still have a few things to do on it. Yet I haven’t actually applied anywhere yet because I’m hoping that I can stay at David’s Bridal for a while. I want to gain sales skills and experience for a while. I’m just hoping they’re going to keep me. So far out of all the new girls I guess you could say that I have gotten the farthest and I hope that helps in the long run.


His Better Plan

I have some news. I finally got a job and it’s a much better job than the one I didn’t get. I applied at David’s Bridal, called to follow up and two interviews later I was offered the stylist position. Which has to be the work of God because I didn’t even know that was an option! Like my dream job is to be a personal stylist! And I just got offered to be a stylist without even knowing that was a job there. God works in mysterious ways but wow! This is such a blessing! Since I am just starting out I will start with special occasions and work my way to bridesmaids and the goal is to sell $170 an hour and then by doing so I could make my way up to brides. The job is seasonal, from December to April but if they like me they could keep me on. I hope they will because I would like to have this job long term. I have to do extremely well. Not doing well is not an option. I need to be the best. I’m glad this job is goal oriented because I do well in situations where you can work towards something more. I was blessed with this opportunity for a reason, I plan on not wasting it.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. -Jeremiah 29:11

Open Eyes

Closed Eyes
Today was one of those days where you wake up and debate with yourself on whether or not you should even get out of bed or just say, “screw it” and stay. Once I worked through my battle with my conscience, I got up. I started getting ready for the day because I had plans to go to church with my older sister Kayla. We made sure to get to church early so we had time to get coffee before. Once I really got to talking with my sister I realized how much I had missed her. While we were talking her boyfriend Chase found us and joined in on the conversation. Then we realized what time it was and hurried to find a seat. The moment the preacher started his sermon I instantly realized that I was so glad that I came instead of staying in bed. I felt that I needed to be there. One of the things that the pastor talked about was God opening our eyes, enlightening us, so we may see His work. This hit home for me. In that moment I realized that I needed to do exactly that.
Open Eyes
I needed to realize that God is working in my life and I wasn’t noticing it. I wanted that job so very badly that I was blind to the fact that maybe God didn’t. All of my life I had been told that God answers prayers. They just may not be the answer we want. It might be a yes, it might be a no and even sometimes the answer is not right now. Maybe that job wasn’t the right place for me, maybe He needs to place me somewhere else. So today I applied at a few other places and I’m just hoping that maybe one of those places is where God wants me to be. Yes, I have plans as to what I want my life to be like but I need to trust that God’s plan is better.